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June 2011
New endorsements for TightScrew
Drum builders and drum techs choose patented tension rods.
Some of the world’s leading drum builders and drum techs have recently chosen to endorse TightScrew tension rods. TightScrews are tension rods that have been milled out 1mm and are then refilled with a rubber nylon strip. The patented nylon insert allows for precise tuning, prevents de-tuning and helps to consistently achieve and maintain a studio-quality drum sound.
TightScrews are now standard on all Ahead premium-grade snare drums, including the new XT Rosewood, Cherry and Mahogany models.
TightScrews are also offered as a factory installed option on custom-crafted drums from other high-end drum companies such as Craviotto, Joyful Noise, Truth, GMS and Savior.The innovative tension rods are also used and recommended by John Aldridge, Ross “The Drum Doctor” Garfield, Lee Smith and Larry Crowe; in-demand studio and touring drum techs that have worked with a who’s who of top drummers from Bryan Hitt (REO Speedwagon), Simon Phillips (Toto), Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck) and Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle) to Jim Keltner (studio legend), Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Paul McCartney), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).TightScrews are available in a selection of sizes to fit most standard drum sizes, types and models and sold at online and local drumshops.

May 2011
Jesse Cannon
This weekend I recorded the often Musformation referenced band The Walk Ons. Drummer Alex Still had brought in his Pork Pie Vistalite remake snare. I have owned one of these snares since they first came out and quickly got a little sick at the idea of having to deal with this snare and its inability to stay in tune.
Despite it being one of my favorite sounding snares of all time, this drum goes out of tune quicker than any drum I have ever used. No longer the case, since Alex had fitted his snare with Tight Screws. These tiny little miracles kept the snare in tune better than any drum I have ever experienced. They literally turned a drum I found unusable into a rock solid piece of equipment. I am totally blown away!

DRUM! Magazine

May 2006
Brad Schlueter
Have you ever noticed how the tension rods in your snare’s rimshot zone loosen more quickly than other tension rods? The vibration and brief changes in head tension that occur from heavy hitting can conspire to detune a drum. It’s a common problem for strong-arm players, but even those of you who don’t hit that hard may have the same trouble if you favor die-cast hoops, tube lugs, or highly tensioned heads — all of which transfer more vibration. Now there may be a solution to all your whacking woes — TightScrews from Carl Scott Percussion.At first glance, they appear to be conventional, chromed-steel tension rods. On closer examination, you’ll notice that through their threads is cut a narrow slot filled with a hard nylon material. This material increases the friction and surface area between the TightScrew ® and the receiving nut, thus preventing detuning. Do the gizmos actually work? Absolutely. I tried them under darn-near-abusive hammering, and once my ears stopped ringing, I didn’t detect any tuning changes. Because I had to eventually give the TightScrews back, though, I wasn’t able to check how many times you can change your heads before the plastic insert loses some of its effectiveness. But I have faith.
Some drummers may use them only on snare batters, but I think TightScrews could actually help all over your kit. Ever have a tension rod fall out from the bottom of a tom during a particularly thrashing solo? Pick up a pack of TightScrews and you never will. Unfortunately, TightScrews aren’t currently offered for Sonor or DW drums, both of which use proprietary tension-rod designs, but the good news (which we learned at press time) is that Carl Scott Percussion now offers longer versions that can replace all the rods on your bass drum.

Modern Drummer 

August 2005
Chap OstranderDid you ever find yourself “playing ping-pong” in the middle of a rock gig? You know the feeling. You’re playing all-out, slamming into the pocket with sledgehammer force. As the gig progresses, your snare doesn’t sound the same as when you started. You tap the batter head near the lugs and find that most of the tension points sound like “ping,” but when you tap the spots where the rimshots land, you hear “pong.”
If you’ve been taking notes during the past few years, you know that this phenomenon is due to heavy playing momentarily reducing the pressure on those tension rods, allowing them to loosen in response to shell vibration. Various manufacturers have dealt with this problem over the years, using such things as locking nuts against the lugs or molded plastic heads that go on the rods to keep them in place. These solutions can take extra time and effort, and can interfere with fine-tuning capabilities. Carl Scott Percussion has come up with something different that does the job without the drawbacks.
The TightScrew ® is a non-loosening tension rod that is designed to stay right where you put it. It features a small channel cut along the length of the rod where the threads go into the lug. The channel is filled with something that looks like nylon, and the friction of this substance against the threads inside the lug casing keeps the rod in place. This technology is used on Apache helicopters to prevent parts from loosening under extreme vibration and temperature conditions.
To test how well the TightScrew ® rods worked, I replaced two rods on my snare and laid into it. The TightScrew ® rods stayed right in place, and I didn’t have to do any retuning during the test period. I appreciated having infinite control over my tuning, without the constraints of a device that uses a plastic edge or ball-bearing click to hold the rod in place.
Carl Scott says that if you play at light to moderate volumes, you only need to replace the rods positioned immediately under your sticks. For higher volume levels they suggest that you replace all the rods on the rim. Once this is done, you shouldn’t need to do anything until the head stretches. The rods come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which should be plenty of time to determine if you’ll have a problem. The rods on my test snare remain where I first tuned them, and I haven’t had to touch them since.
TightScrew ® rods are available in three lengths: 1 5/8″ (42 mm), 2″ (52 mm), and 2 1/2″ (65 mm). I think they’re worth it; you can get tight and stay loose at the same time.


Let’s start with one word. “Wow”.
I’ve been a drummer for 30 years, teaching for about 10. I’ve been tuning my drums and teaching others how to tune for a while. I’ve explored big tubby sounds in the Grunge 90s and singing jazz sounds through around the conservatory. And of course, explored various techniques and “tricks” to rough- and fine-tuning drums, and variety of kicks, toms, and snares, And now, having just thrown my first set of TightScrews across my toms and snare, I’m blown away at the difference. The TightScrews allowed much more deliberate rough- and fine-tuning, and would allow the head to skew and re-set while ‘settling in’ with play and tweaking.
My 4-piece kit is fully carbon fiber shells, made by Rocket Shells / Paul Hewitt. These shells are as stiff as acrylic, but light as maple, so they are very revealing of unbalanced heads or tuning. But once you get the head balanced, they’ll sing at a WIDE range of tunings.
Getting from rough- to fine-tuning hasn’t felt this easy or satisfying in years.

“To Whom It may Concern, 
I have been playing drums for over 40 years and I’ve never appreciated a product as much as yours. I play all styles of music and consider myself a heavy hitter, so de-tuning was always a problem for me. Now, my snare drum de-tuning problems are a thing of the past… I currently use a Pearl Steve Ferrone 6 1/2×14 snare and use TightScrews on both the batter and resonant head. I played a gig last Saturday night with my band Mirage and not once did I have to adjust my snare. It was an enjoyable experience not having to constantly re-tune after every set.
This is a product I would recommend to all drummers. Thanks again,
Joe Ward

“The TightScrew ® tension rod has been a welcomed treat for me. For years I would always have my tension rods coming loose where I played rim shots. Each set I would have to tighten the bottom and top tension rods so my snare drum was back in tune. But now I play a complete show with never tightening any tension rods on my snare … A truly remarkable design, simple and clean. Nothing to clamp to the tension rod, just the simple look of an ordinary tension rod that won’t back out. Thank You.”
John Litrenta-Owner
Midwest Percussion

“I’ve enjoyed the peace of mind and confidence that Tight Screw allows for the last 2 years. Amazing! I wish I had these 30 years ago. Thank you.”
Dominic Perozzi
Long-time customer 


“It seems that today, more and more drum products are coming out. Some work, some do not. TightScrew ® works! TightScrew ® is one of the best new products to come out in a long time and I fully back them 110 %. Thank you to everyone at TightScrew ® for making a high quality drum product!”
Jay Gantz 
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“I came to the conclusion that no matter how much money you spend on a drum kit, you are most likely to have tension rods that back off. Drum dials may set an initial precise tuning, but if a single tension rod backs off, your fine tuning is lost. I paid thousands for a high end kit, and it was common for tension rods to back off and land on the floor. TightScrews ® eliminated all of my tuning headaches. I can tune up tight to hip-hop tensions and TightScrews ® stay put. I can back off the tension to “just above a wrinkle” a setting where standard tension rods would have very little grip. Tightscrew ® tuning stays won’t back off, even with loose tuning. The batter head isn’t the only critical thing. Ever have a snare or tom that’s fussy to tune? The resonant head needs to have even tension to do its job. TightScrews ® guaranteed that my drums sounds the same all the time until I change the tension. This product is a godsend for recording – a true “set it and forget it” tuning device. All drums should come with TightScrews ® …period. I’d pay a few extra dollars to have piece of mind that the sound I work to achieve stays that way.”

“I can honestly say that I’ve tried every remedy on the market to eliminate detuning on my drums…..TightScrew ® is the ONLY ONE that works cleanly & effectively! No more panic tuning in between songs! I can bash the hell out of my drums,safe in the knowledge that I’ll not be picking up rods from the floor at the end of the gig! A BRILLIANT addition to any kit!!!!”
Aynsley Dickinson