Step 1. Gently remove your current tension rod(s) with a drum key.

Step 2. Measure your current/old tension rod. Measure from just under the ‘head’ of the tension rod, as pictured. The one pictured is 1 5/8″.

Step 3. Order new replacement TightScrews from New TightScrews can be slightly longer than your current/old tension rods, but not shorter.

Step 4. Make sure your TightScrew is equal to or slightly longer than your old tension rod.

Step 5. Gently insert your tension rod back into your drum’s lug(s). TightScrews will by slightly tighter to turn than normal tension rods. This is normal and is what makes TightScrews work — they’re tight!

Step 6. Tune your drum using your ears, not by ‘feel.’ Tuning by feeling the ‘tightness’ of the tension rod is never correct, regardless of what kind of tension rods you are using. For extensive drum tuning tips, visit Prof. Sound’s Drum Tuning Bible.

For accurate tuning, we recommend using a Drum Dial.