Frequently Asked Questions

Will TightScrews fit my drums?
TightScrews will fit most American and Japanese drums. TightScrews will fit pre-1995 DW drums with 12-24 threads, and DW and Pacific Drums with “Truepitch” threads (supplied after late 1994). Be sure to specify DW rods for drums fitted with Truepitch (fine) threads.
NOTE: TightScrews do not fit Sonor products fitted with slotted head tension rods but will fit Sonor products fitted with standard 12-24 thread tension rods. TightScrews do not fit large-diameter, 6mm tension rods installed on some marching drums and particular models of Pearl drums. Before ordering, please check that the rods are “standard size” before ordering. If you are unsure of the size of your tension rods, measure them or contact the drum’s manufacturer.

What size TightScrews do I order?
Tension rod listings for many different drums over the years have proven to be less than reliable. Therefore, we recommend that you simply remove one of your tension rods and measure the length from the shoulder (under the head including the washer) to the bottom end of the screw (for a visual-see the installation instructions). Choose the closest of the 5 sizes we currently carry.
IMPORTANT: Slightly longer replacement is generally fine, but not shorter without careful measurement.

How many should I use?
We recommend using TightScrews on a complete rim if that rim has any tension rods loosening. This method will enable you to have equal tuning tension and ‘feel’ while prolonging the life of your heads. However, if you are having problems with only a few screws on a given drum, or budget is an issue, try just replacing only the problematic rods. Remember, they will ‘feel’ different from the factory rods when you are tensioning them, and you may still need to constantly re-tension the conventional rods if you are a heavy player.

Will grease/oil harm my TightScrews?
Yes! IMPORTANT: Prior to installation, confirm that the nuts in the lug casings on your drums are free of any grease or oil prior to installing TightScrews. Lubricants will deteriorate the polymer inserts in TightScrews and reduce the friction necessary to keep them from backing out. If necessary, clean the female threads on your drum with a Q-Tip or similar item, dipped in an appropriate degreasing agent. Twist the swab in and out of the threads like a screw. Degreasing the threads will insure maximum life and holding power of your TightScrews and will not harm the threads on your drum.

How long will TightScrews last?
Our artists report great performance even when removing TightScrews often to change a snare drum head. The rods will likely feel looser when removed regularly, but long time users still report good holding power.

Will the use of TightScrews damage my drums?
No. The insert providing the holding power for TightScrews is made of a very soft nylon material that will not harm your drums in any way. Thousands of TightScrews are in use worldwide, and we have never received a report of any damage as a result of installing TightScrews.

Do I have to modify my drums?
No. Simply unscrew your existing drum screws, screw TightScrews into the drum lugs, and you are ready to play.

Can I install TightScrews myself?
TightScrews are as easy to install as regular tension rods and offer a convenient and reliable drum tuning solution. They make an essential part of your drum building and tuning supplies.

What makes them work?
TightScrews have a patented groove with a pressed-in nylon insert, a technology that eliminates loosening or de-tuning of the drum especially under heavy playing conditions.

How long are TightScrews guaranteed?
TightScrews are 100% guaranteed to prevent detuning, and come with a money-back guarantee. If TightScrews fail to keep your drum in tune, you may return them within 30 days for a full refund (freight charges excluded).

What is your Return Policy?
TightScrews are returnable within a 30 day period and must be shipped prepaid back to us. A 20% re-stocking fee will apply unless the return is due to our error. If you have ordered an incorrect size, we will exchange any unused rods for you. Any differences in price will be charged (or credited) along with applicable shipping. TightScrews that have been installed or otherwise altered cannot be exchanged or returned.

What if my existing screws are shorter or longer than your listed lengths?
In most cases, you can use a rod slightly longer (not shorter) than the factory tension rod. That method will give the insert more ‘bite’ into the lug on the drum.