Stanton Moore
“I’ve been using TightScrew tension rods on my titanium snare … and they have been very effective in keeping my drum in tune night after night. With TightScrew I’ve been able to tune my snare and ‘set it, and forget it.’ The drum holds its tuning every time I pull it out of the case.”

Matt McGinley
Since I began touring, I’ve had constant trouble maintaining a consistent, balanced tension across my snare head for the duration of the show. Midway through a performance, I’d be tightening the snare tension rods – which would have slipped significantly out of tune. We tried so many of the products aimed at locking in tension rods and experienced disappointing results – before discovering Tight Screw. Tight Screw now gives me the opportunity to concentrate on playing and not have to fuss with tuning in between songs – what a relief. Just simply replace your existing tension rods with the Tight Screw tension rods and BOOM; problems solved. 
Gym Class Heroes

Will Denton
The Farm
” I’ve been using the Tight Screw for several weeks now with LeAnn Rimes. We’re playing football stadiums on the Kenny Chesney “Poets And Pirates” Tour, and I don’t think I’ve ever played harder in my life! The Tight Screws have given me a consistent snare sound from start to finish in our show, and I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks!”

Mario Calire-Ozomatli
Ozomatli / Wallflowers
“I have been using the same TightScrews on my main touring snare for 6 months or longer. I change heads every show, and so have really put the product through its paces. I count on TightScrews to get me through my shows knowing that my snare sound is going to stay the same from beginning to end. TightScrews are truly awesome!”

Corey Newsom
Bloodline Riot/Nothing For Now
“I’ve been using TightScrews for over a year now and must say these things are a must have for any gigging or active drummer. Your lugs never loosen and your drums stay in perfect tuning. I haven’t had to tune my drums until I put new heads on and the screws still continue to be just as reliable as new!”

Gregory Caputo
Big Band Master Drummer
“A premium tension rod that keeps your drum sound consistent.”

Jeff Gretz
From Autumn to AshesZao
“These things are amazing. I recently fitted my entire kit with the TightScrews and I’m in awe. Prior to putting them on I would change my heads a few times a week while on tour. I can honestly say TightScrews have TRIPLED my drum head life. I can tune my drums up, play a full force set and they are exactly as they were before we started. When I pull them out of the cases in the next city/show… they are exactly as I left them. If you’re a hard hitting player (or even if you’re not) you need these things”

Pat McDonald
Charlie Daniels Band
“I’ve been playing for decades and like most of us, have always had trouble with lugs loosening during shows. I’ve tried every little gadget made to solve the problem and some worked better than others but they weren’t EXACTLY the ideal solution…..the search is over! TightScrews are a godsend! They’re simple, easy to use and best of all, they WORK. Plain and simple. No muss, no fuss. Just put ’em on, tune up and forget about ’em! Detuning is now a thing of the past. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for someone to find the answer. TightScrews are IT. Get some now!”
Charlie Daniels Band

David Bedell
Plush Society/ F5 – session player, teacher
“The greatest little ‘twist’ since the Rubik’s cube! I swear by this product. I put them on my new set of Pearl’s, fined tuned them, and they have never de-tuned. My hat is off to my buddy Carl. I’ve tried everything to solve the detuning problem, so I’m glad I dug a little deeper to find TightScrew. Go ahead and crank some onto your drums, you too will be a believer! Another satisfied customer, you’re next!

Al Webster

 “Tight Screws help you stay in tune. Keep it tight, keep it right, a must have for any drummer.”

The Boinkers
A typical performance for me will be several, hard hitting one hour sets with little to no stopping. Frequently I would hope for a moment to re-tune only to drop the drum key on the floor as the next song was taking off and my snare sound would change throughout the set. I’ve tried other, more complicated and expensive gadgets. That was the past! Now I am subscriber to the tightscrew methodology. No more tension rods on the rug at the end of a gig. My soundman and I have one less challenge to overcome. I even use them on my kick drum and the low tuning stays put with no wrinkles. If there was ever to be applied tightscrew magic to throwoff tensioners, the world would be even closer to perfect. Kudos

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Jon Farriss (INXS)
Aaron Spears (Usher)
Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies)
Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise)
Brendan Buckley (Shakira)
Thomas Lang (Stork)


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