Hello Drummers,

I’d like to personally welcome you to TightScrew.com!

My name is Carl Scott. I’m a drummer and the creator of TightScrew non-loosening tension rods.

Here, I want to introduce you to our product, provide you some good information, and hopefully give you enough confidence to install TightScrews on your drums.

Important: Please read over our FAQ section and installation instructions listed under Support especially parts about What Size TightScrews to order. Also in FAQ, we present answers to common questions we’ve received from drummers, dealers, and studio owners.

History: TightScrews were created in 2004 by a working drummer (me) as a result of many years of struggling with loosening drums on concert and club stages. Like many of you, I tried every product that I could find to keep my snare tension rods from loosening. Also I needed to be able to tune tom and bass drum heads to low pitches without the screws falling out or rattling.

Typically, all the products I purchased had drawbacks, were inconvenient, or ineffective. I wasted a lot of money but a drum finally threw me over the edge: A beautiful 70’s Ludwig 6.5″ Black Beauty. Ludwig Supraphonics, and Black Beauties are really great drums-but for me presented some of the worse tuning issues.

My solution: TightScrew Non-Loosening Tension Rods. I use TightScrews on all my drums, and have not experienced tuning issues nearly 14 years since the first prototype!

Your solution?? Give TightScrews a try, and I guarantee that your drums will stay in tune and your “sound” will be consistent from gig to gig.

Finally, if you have any comments, questions, or testimonials that might help introduce our product to other drummers please send along your email to: carl@tightscrew.com