Drum tension rods


My name is Carl Scott, the creator of TightScrew non-loosening drum tension rods. TightScrews are a simple and practical product that will eliminate drum de-tuning during your performance. Do you have a habit of reaching for the tuning key between songs or sets?  I did too. Here is the solution:

TightScrew Drum Tension Rods

TightScrews were just a concept in late 2003. Today, thousands of drummers rely on TightScrew Non-Loosening Tension Rods to fix their drum loosening issues.

TightScrews fit modern drums produced by most foreign and domestic drum companies-see a couple of exceptions on our FAQ page. TightScrews also fit vintage drums and offer a great replacement option for those rusted and worn out tension rods.

Better Drum Tension Rods

Customers frequently contact us at the recommendation of their drum company. They ask if TightScrews will solve the loosening issues on their new (and expensive) drums? The answer we give is invariably “YES”.

We are pleased that those drum makers place their confidence in our product, like thousands of TightScrew users worldwide.

We machine TightScrews to exacting standards using actual drum tension rods, not an external Gadget or Widget.

Other detuning products make your drum look different or adjust your tuning routine. You must install a gadget, use a tool, or shift an item to adjust the pitch of your instrument. Once tuning is achieved, that same item must be moved, adjusted or re-installed.

TightScrews do not change your drum’s appearance. Drumhead tension can be adjusted normally, without using special tools or removing some external gadget.

We likely make a TightScrew size for your snare, tom-tom, or bass drum. The most common size to fit American and Asian drums is a thread specification known as 12-24. That is a diameter of 12 (about 7/32″), with 24 threads per inch.  Alternatively, DW products since 1995 use a metric tension rod with a smaller diameter and finer threading.  Specified as 5mm in diameter with a “thread pitch” of .8. We have TightScrews to fit DW products as well. Just look for the DW next to the size listings.

Several common sizes are available in Chrome, Black, or Brass finishes.

Carl’s Commitment to Drummers

Note from Carl:

I’m committed to providing great service, and complete customer satisfaction to all our performers, studios and manufacturers. Ask any TightScrew user about his or her experience with our product and our company. I am proud to say that TightScrews help drummers maintain their sound under all playing conditions. TightScrews eliminate stressful and time-consuming tuning breaks during performances.

I invite you to take this opportunity today-put TightScrews to the test!

Thank you for visiting our site!

Carl Scott

Drummer and Creator-TightScrew non-loosening tension rods